“Prayer Moves Us Beyond Our Identity Into Infinity”

Gandhi attested “…prayer is the most potent instrument of action.” Science of Mind presents a five step process of prayer – called affirmative prayer, spiritual mind treatment or simply treatment. The power of treatment derives from its potentiality of aligning the mind of the one doing treatment – with the One Mind – Ernest Holmes calls The Thing Itself.

Daily prayer – leads us beyond common hours thought – into an Awakening Awareness of all things as possible. Prayer consciously shifts thoughts of the impossibility of I can’t – to the possibility of I can – to the being state of Ascension Consciousness Presence of I AM.

Daily spiritual practice of prayerful of meditation, contemplation and centering attune one to a vibrational-frequency-signature of a Heavenly Harmony of Truth in which one experiences, expresses, embodies a goodness, grandness, greatness that some call God, some Spirit, some Source. I call it my soul whispers within. By whatever name it is the same Truth that in living from the Heaven-fire-of-love in our hearts – we create a world that works for everyone.

Michael Curcuru authored the newly released “Heartlight – from illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within.” He is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. He is pursuing ministerial studies with Centers for Spiritual Living and the Holmes Institute of Consciousness. He lives in Palm Springs, California.