My father once asked, if I believed, “I’d an angel on my shoulder.”  I replied in the negative affirmative (is there such a state, such a phraseology, such a grammatical directive?), “no” then positively affirmed, “I have an angel on each of my shoulders.”  Well, in the Truth of acknowledging angels in their full portent, purpose and presence, I must admit, I now believe angels are not only on our shoulders, but are all surrounding us, in auras of radiant love, in gifts of light being energy and in the frequency and vibration of levity and laughter.  Angels are present, in the right here of right now, for you and for me, in all of eternity.  It is up to us both individually and collectively, to come into a harmony of alignment, that allows us to not only feel their presence, but to receive their presents.

To open to the receiving, allowing and flowing, is the key to receiving the gifts of angels, gifts which take many and all forms, from the revealing of the Truth of Healing, to the manifesting of dreams come true, to the connection between life plane grid realities, which coexist in a state of past, present and future as one.  This is the state of no beginning, no end, and no on time or late, no birth or death.  This is the Ascension Level of Awareness in which angels exist, express and embody the pure potentiality of all that ever was and of all that is yet to be.  This is the state of flux, fluidity and flow that transcends all concepts of space time reality, in which, one comes to experience the Reality of Infinity.

There is Truth here, in dance step of precedent, upon the plane of perception, which gives way, through the evolvement of consciousness, to the Principles of Truth, Truths in which all things are born of the no-thing-ness of everything.  This is the existential Reality of Infinity, in which all things are not only fully possible, and done unto us as we believe, but in fact beyond fiction, they already are, awaiting claim, by those who believe, in the presence and presents of angels.  Beyond our doubts and fears and beliefs as to whether or not angels exist, or in the number of angels in our lives at any moment, or as to where angels reside, albeit in Heaven or on our shoulders.

The Power of angels resides in unity, of question and answer as one, in the unity of negation and affirmation as one beyond all polar opposites, in the unity of  linear beliefs, the finite of numbers and non-linear quotients of unquantifiable quantum as one.  And, perhaps to, in the union of Heaven and earth s one, in the unity of father and son as inseparable, in the marriage of birth, life and death as a continuum of experiential reality.  I bring this concept of consciousness to light, for it is in Truth a Reality which lies beyond the perception of limits and unfolds in the potentiality of undifferentiated energy of formless force fields.  My father passed away a few years ago, and as in most father son relationships there were things unsaid, which would have benefited from some form of completeness and completion.  In Truth of experience, I can here state, despite the illusion of the separation between the perceived states of birth and death, physical form and non-physical being-ness, my father and I have never been closer, or more as one.

Angels are our co-creators with the co-creator, and if there were such a thing as time, which there isn’t, but if there were, angels would always be in the exact perfect state of arriving on time.  Dr. Reverend Joe Hooper, of the Center for Spiritual Living, Palm Desert, Ca, states of showing up: “to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is unacceptable.”  My advice, follows on Dr. Hooper’s, and is show up “on time”, in a “listening state,” and you’ll hear the Broadcast of Eternity.  The Broadcast of Eternity, is sent in harmonic wavelength frequencies, which when attuned to, by arriving at the being of a receptive state creates the manifest, life plane reality of “living in the awake of your dream.”  

This is the state of being-ness, in which we co-create with the co-creator, which is the God Within, which not only says YES, but says YES before we ask it, think it, or manifest it.  This is the YES of Eternity, which dissolves all of the conditions of finite form, back into un-manifest form, which can then through thought be remade, remolded, reformed according to the beliefs, values and attitudes we allow to flow through, to and as us.  This is the state of the permanent impermanence of the firmament of the infinite.  As one so speaks, so attunes, so atones to the embodiment of the yes frequency, we become the instrument of life, through which the Tonality of Truth, becomes the Symphonic Harmony of the I AM power of the universe.  Or as I like to say, the Power of the YOUniverse.

Angels remind us to be present, in the I AM awareness of consciousness coming to know consciousness itself.  This is the ever expanding, ever all knowing, ever all present, ever all powerful Reality of Truth, which lies beyond the precedents of paradigms of thinking, the patterns of held ideations of schooled learning, the limits of linear thinking.  For it is only as we move beyond our precedents and embody the Principles of Truth, that we shall come to not only feel, but to see the presence and presents of angles right here and now.  My father once asked, “if I believed in angels.”  I can say affirmatively, not only do I believe in the presence of angels, I believe we are all the angles of our own lives, just ready to take flight upon our belief, imagine and allowing to live in the awake of our dream.


In Love and Light,