By transcending our human sight we come to embody God’s Visionary Sight.  Visionary Spirit Sight is truth Ernest Holmes affirms as, “God is not apart from us, but rather, God is a part of us” (Holmes E. , 1938).  Visionary Spirit Sight is clarity of consciousness beyond what was, into unobscured of what is, into pure of potentiality of what’s yet to be.  Through meditation, contemplation, prayer, one breaks precedent of mindset of “stinking thinking” (Whittaker).  One enters a powerful presence of life force.  A life force driven by principles of self-mastery, presence moment awareness, visionary Spirit Sight beyond all conditionality.  This is emergence from problem to probable to possible.  It occurs as one rewrites one’s life script, as one deconstructs one’s life history, as one dissolves all of humanity’s history.  By so doing one transcends finite reality into Infinite Reality.  One’s life synchronicities are Spontaneous God Revelations presented to light our way home. It is by mandate of dictate of responsibility by which individuals must disown dysfunctional ways of distorted views of world conditions by means of lensed limited sight.  Lensed limited sight, keeps one separated from sanctity, serenity, solemnity of Divine Unity.   Lost, lonely wandering through limited landscape of humanity, must now transcend to harmony of God’s Dreamscape of Divinity by way of Visionary Spirit Sight.  Precepts of time, place, space, and filters of perception create degrees of separation of Heaven from earth and God from humanity.  Data from fact of condition, combined with false assumptions, becomes undesired actualizations. 

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