“I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the

world,” so states Mother Teresa, and this to me, and perhaps to you as well, is the

best definition, of the use of consciousness coming to know consciousness itself, as

the I AM that I AM, as Emma Curtis Hopkins so affirms, and Ernest Holmes so

refers to as “the thing back of the thing itself.” Consciousness, again to me, and

perhaps not to you, for consciousness while in the infinite is one with itself, in the

finite of man, is individualized according to our beliefs, values and attitudes.


The great possibility here, is that mind of man and Universal Mind, respond to the

impress of words, intention and action, and not in any prerequisite hierarchy of

order, for Science of Mind Principles, transcend all precedents of history, all

tyranny of species consciousness, all violations of Love, Light, Lord and Law.

It is as we come to be aware of our own and self-created encloakment of limited

Life Plane awareness, through our ruts of repetitive mental patterns, through our

defining labels of personality, through our bowing to the authority of others that

we come to commit the ultimate of crimes. The crime of not being our authentic

self, the crime of not being the Light of Love unto the world, the crime of not

being the Creative Source, Force and Embodiment of Christ consciousness.


We can go round about the May Pole of Polarity, as to whether a man named Christ in

body ever walked the plane of this earth, but what is True, True to me, is that a

man of Christ Consciousness, was, is and shall ever be present in the here and now

of the I AM that I AM state of consciousness, in which the omnipotence,

omnipresence and omniscience of Love and Light, walk side by side and hand in

hand, as in Heaven so on Earth.


As we awaken to the awareness of awareness awakening to awareness itself, we

move beyond all veils of precedents of outsight and come to experience, express

and expand into new to us, not new to the world, for they have been always

existent and known to the few, not the many, Principles of Truth. In this new

awareness of knowing, we move beyond the intellectual precepts and patterns of

how it has always been done, into a paradigm of patterns of alignment with the

God Stuff of Universal Infinite Intelligence. This Infinite Intelligence, this God

Spark, drops into what I like to call the “God Gap” which is the eternal void

between each of the breaths that breathe us, between each of the thoughts we think,

between each of the beats of our heart, which beats of its own volition. In this

space between breath, thought and heartbeats is the “God Gap.”


This “God Gap” is to what, I believe Mother Theresa refers when she states, “I am

a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the

world.” And too, I feel, this is to what great scripture reveals in the revelation that

it is the God Within that doeth the work.” This to me is the How, the Why and the

Where-with-all, by and of which we come to the Authoring of Consciousness, to

the penmanship of our own lives, to the brush strokes from the palette of life which

we so apply to the blank of God’s Canvas of pure potentiality. Einstein referred to

this simply as “The Field.” I like to call it the “Field of Dreams.” There is a movie

by that title, in which James Earl Jones states, “There comes a time when all the

cosmic tumblers have clicked into place, and the Universe opens itself up for a few

seconds, to show you what’s possible.”


And this state of possible flows through, to, and as us, through the Direct

Revelation of the Divine Within. This flow to, through and as us, fills the blank of

the pages of the script of our lives. It as we open through meditation, prayer and

contemplation to the “God Gap” that the purpose, power and potentiality of our

lives shows up as “if by magic,” “as if out of the blue,” “as if by the beyond of our

knowing.” It is as we are discovered by an open doorway, that lead onward and

inward to a series of an infinity of open doorways, which then collapse into an

experiential-exponential-evolvement beyond all limits of time, place or space.

This is the “God Gap” this is the “pencil in the hand of God,” that writes to,

through and as us. This is gift of daily spiritual practice, this is the giving-ness of

our self to our Self, this is the where “practice makes practice.” It is as we choose

to sit before the blank of the pages of the unwritten book of our lives, before the

blank of God’s Canvas with the palette of choices of our lives, through the blank of

Consciousness coming to know Consciousness itself, that we can align with and

Infinite Intelligence beyond, through our words, beliefs and intentions to become

the Authoring Consciousness, which flows to, through and as us.


This is the power of the pen, the blank of the pages of consciousness, and the will of our intentions to

script a life beyond our wildest dreams, to script a life we up until now, never

allowed ourselves to ever dare dream, this is the potentiality of living in the awake

of our dreams. Become the author of your own life. Become the “little pencil in

the hand of a writing God, who is sending love letters to the world.”

In Love and Light,