Aware – Awake – Alive

Many walk in somnambulistic sleep of fear, lack, limitation as opposed to soaring free on wings of liberty and bounty of Spirit of in Heaven as on earth.  As one comes to fill one’s cup to overflowing through faithful acceptance of plentiful harvest one by inherent nature of compassionate sharing fills the cups of others from one’s knowing of abundant supply.  This ceaseless paying forward from abundance consciousness, ripples from Center of Soul to encompass the world in Heaven’s Divine Grace.  It is time for human and humanity to move beyond any entrapments of victimhood.  It is time to shed dead weight of deceitful untruth of limitations.  It is time to come to become Aware – Awake – Alive in Liberty Consciousness.  A Liberty Consciousness in which one becomes the embodiment , the expression, the experience, of the Power’s Bountiful Harvest.  It is time, past time, beyond time, for everyone, to live as one in our Divine Heritage of as in Heaven so on earth.


  1. Dale


    • Michael Curcuru

      Thank you Dale. And for all of your loving support in creating the “Heartlight” class – which unfolded so beautifully at Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert the July/August. In Heartlight, Michael


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