As candle is to wick is to flame so is one’s love to the light of this world. And to all planes of existence seen and unseen. Our life plane is inextricably intertwined by a light energy thread of love. A light energy thread of love which is to the tapestry of this known of our universe and to the all and many of universes eternally in an ebb and flow between form and formless. This ever present flux between form and formless is the process of light energy coming into resolution of form through a process of light density concentration achieved by what one envisions in mind. By changing one’s thought this light energy dissipates to formless.

As one comes to understand that this light energy is truly a vibration of varying frequencies one may consciously

“Change your thinking change your life” Ernest Holmes

change the frequency and thereby create whatever one so imagines. Ernest Holmes says this: “One alone in consciousness with the infinite is a complete majority.” In Truth as one lets go of the concept of identity – as the identity of all things as material form – material form becomes infinite formless.

This infinite formless of One Presence is what some call God, some call Source, some call Spirit. By whatever name this light energy is beyond that of having a beginning or end – as it always existed. This light energy of eternal ebb and flow is of light frequency vibrations which respond to our resonant tone.

Plants respond to the loving frequency of our voice.

If one pictures how a glass may be shattered by a high pitch tone – one may envision how a different energy tone creates a different form. When sound vibrations are sent through a tank of water – the water takes the molecular form of the vibration. Plants respond to the tonal frequency of one’s voice.



Einstein was known as The Blackboard Professor

Albert Einstein shares this: “Matter is energy – Energy is light – we are all light beings.” Not only are we light being energy – encapsulated in the human form of our body suits – but we may unzip those suits at anytime – and step from the form of our body suit – in the formless of light energy beyond that of delineated form. This is much the way the process of transition from life in human form – to the eternal light of Divine formless takes place. So much as candle is to wick is to flame – so too are we body (candle) – wick (soul) and flame (spirit). The Science of Mind teaching symbol shows this as Spirit (seed), Soil (soul), Body (plant).

Today’s Prayer: “I am the heartlight of loving kindness.”

Michael Curcuru authored Heartlight – illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within. He is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner living in Palm Springs, Ca