When I was a bit younger in my number of days, when I was a bit more naive in my ways, when I was a bit more open in my weighing in on the options, possibilities and potentialities of God’s existence – I would take my red wagon – in search of new conquests of adventure, and too – in search of advent of finding God. Now I admit in all honesty that the further I pulled my Red Racer Wagon along, and the further I traveled from my own backyard, own neighborhood, own comfort zone of familiarity – and into the unknown and unfamiliar of backyards, neighborhoods, and discomfort of what lay beyond my known of experience – the further I found myself leaning into a faith that I was not alone – that there was a presence within which guided my every twist and turn of the road of adventure I had chosen to travel that day. My Red Racer Wagon has long since – as do all material and manifest forms – returned to the formless energy from which it was called forth. RED RACER WAGON LIFE LESSONS Perhaps my Red Racer Wagons demise was due to the rust of age for having been taken out on one too many a rainy day. Perhaps it was due to the planned obsolescence of the manufacturer who set a date of expiration for Red Racer Wagons – so that they could sell a future and improved model to me – thereby early on beginning the cycle of entrapment – to newer, shinier, brighter objects of manufacture – which entangle so many in the lifelong encumbrance of new car payments, bigger mortgage payments, bigger payments for everything which becomes obsolete by design or default – and seemingly must be replaced by the latest, greatest, and grandest new product design with new features – but at what cost? THINGS WERE MEANT TO BE USED PEOPLE WERE MEANT TO BE LOVED – TODAY WERE ARE LOVING THINGS AND WE ARE USING PEOPLE – Dalai Lama I think of the I-Phone mania of people lining up days before to be the first on the block to have the newest model. I think of those who have to purchase the latest lap top, the biggest TV Screen, the most expensive education for their children, the grandest home and in the greatest neighborhood – even if the cost of these items is beyond the reach of their ability to pay – or the reach of their sanity to sleep comfortably at night. My family and I – post Ricky Racer Red Wagon days – would always take a Sunday drive to the elegant neighborhoods, to see as my father would say “How the other half lived.” Now-a-days it would not be how the other half lived – but how the upper one percent live – as they control 99% of world resources. MY GOD QUEST HAS YIELDED – TO A KNOWING TRUTH – GOD’S PRESENCE IS FOUND WITHIN NOT WITHOUT. While I no longer have my Red Racer Wagon, or Flexible Flyer sled or my trusty old tri-cycle – all of which I traveled many miles on in my quest for adventure – and too – in my youthful quest for God – I have come to realize – that there is no adventure outside of myself which will lead to the discovery – of what I have so long been questing. I am coming to a resting place now – a resting place of the within of my soul – in which God comes to meet me. God comes to meet me in the solitude of a walk in nature, in the serenity of watching the evening sun melt into the serenity of the ocean at day’s end, in the sanctity of a quiet place within. It is in the quietude of this place within that I have found what I was all along questing for – that God is not found in chaos of world without – but in calm of within – from which all arises anew and resides again – in eternal return to God’s Oneness of love Within. BECOME AS PARTICIPANT,PREACHER, PARACHUTE

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Michael Curcuru authored Heartlight – illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within. He is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner living in Palm Springs, Ca. He studies ministry with Holmes Institute of Consciousness and Centers for Spiritual Living. Michael currently tours with his book Heartlight – and his highly successful workshop presentation from Me 2 We 2 One – and of his newest workshop – Creating From Oneness. He is available for spiritual guidance and support, prayer treatment sessions, s