As one emerges from dark disharmony of cognitive reactivity to Conscious Knowing, God’s Light shines bright.  This revelation beyond even that of intuitive awareness is inspiration of self as Self, by which one arises to awakening of God’s mint, coinage, and stamp of impress of ideas upon their currency of consciousness.  By so doing, one comes to know their spiritual voyage as passage-less, pathless, timeless.  For journey’s voyage of origination, unfoldment of evolution, and point of infinity of destination are one.  They are one in undifferentiated, uninterrupted, undivided, Christ Light Energy.  Dawn and set of sun, beyond illusion of deception of perception, exemplify this perfect state of unity.   For dawn and set of sun are nonexistent events.  As sun neither rises or sets as it is a Conscious Unity of Light Essence Energy.  A Conscious Unity of Infinite Illumination of Love’s Light.

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