There is only one crime in the eternity of all space and time, and that crime is not to live beyond boundaries of  beliefs, and thereby fail to enter kinship, with Authentic Self.  Boundary transcendence, is task required, to awaken to awareness of self as Self, for this is the existent realm, where form and formless exist as one.  This is the beyond of boundaries of all boxes, paradigms, knowns.  Entry into this unknown, requires the prerequisite un-conditioning, the preamble of unschooling, the personal priority of letting go of the all of one’s identity, in order to become the all of one’s infinity.  This quantum leap into awakening and awakened awareness of consciousness coming to know consciousness itself, is held mandate to Courage of Heart, Strength of Spirit and Truth of Soul.  Through alignment of self as Self, one springboards on commitment of faith, compact of prayer and willingness to jump into quantum oneness of consciousness, and thereby, free fall into a void-less void, of an encompassing abyss, of a depth-less depth of groundlessness of being, thereby jettisoning all that has come before, all that is, and all, of yet to be.