We should believe that God is the invisible partner in our lives and affirm that Divine Love goes before us and prepares the way – Ernest Shurtleff Holmes

Dance as the Divine

Science of Mind teaches five step affirmative prayer. Prayer brings one’s life into harmony with the universality of unconditional love. Unconditional love is the energy of Spirit’s Essence which flows in, as, through one, as one steps fully into life’s dance. As one steps fully into life’s dance one experiences they are never alone – but are all one – with an ever present invisible partner with whom they dance as the divine.




One comes to dance as the divine by the size of the invitation of one’s belief, the size of the invocation of one’s faith,

Spirit flows in, as, through us according to the size of our ask.

the size of the inclusiveness of one’s truth. It is by the degree of the opening of one’s belief, one’s faith, one’s truth by which one comes to dance as the divine. Is your belief in the grandness of God the size of a thimble? Is your faith the size of a spoon. Is your truth the size of a pitcher full? In ministry they teach to ask big for the bigger the size of one’s ask – the bigger the flow of Source Energy – which will flow in, as, and through one – in answer to the ask.

Each one of us is an outlet to God and an Inlet to God – Science of Mind.

Affirmative Prayer Invokes God’s Presence

The five steps of affirmative prayer as taught by Science of Mind are: Step One: God Is. Step Two: I Am. Step Three: All is well. Step Four: Thank you. Step Five: And so it is. Step One is called recognition – recognizing the God Presence. Step Two is called unification – I Am one with God Presence. Step Three is referred to as realization – in which one names, claims, and accepts their good. Step four is called thanksgiving in which one gives thanks for the goodness, grandness, and greatness of God. Step five affirms and so it is – declaring it is already done – as the God always says yes – in accordance to the size of our ask. How big is your belief – a thimble full or a trunk full? How big is your faith a spoon full or a bowl full? How big is your truth a pitcher full or an ocean full?

Today’s Prayer: I open wide to God consciousness flowing in, as, through me.

Michael Curcuru authored Heartlight – illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within. He is a licensed

Become participant, preacher, parachute

Religious Science Practitioner living in Palm Springs, Ca. He studies ministry with Holmes Institute of Consciousness and Centers for Spiritual Living. Michael currently tours with his book Heartlight – and his highly successful workshop presentation from Me 2 We 2 One. He is available for spiritual guidance and support and prayer treatment sessions.