Dancing With The Divine

“As one sees the world from the Divine of the Within the Divine Within is seen without.” To live in leap of faith of absolute truth of I Am that I Am as I Am as One takes courageous adventure of consciousness into authentic self. It takes bravery of victory of evolution of precedents of beliefs into Principles of Truth. It takes conviction, commitment, commandment of Knowing Truth that all is love. Knowing Truth of all is love lies outside measure, meter, means of common hours thinking. It lies beyond focus upon appearances of conditions. It lies in the seeing of things as they are not as they appear to be. Thereby one awaken to truth of I Am that I Am as I Am as One of all is love. What is Awakened Truth? In Emptiness Dancing Adyashanti says, “What is so beautiful about awakening is that when you are no longer functioning through your conditioning, then the sense of ‘me’ who was living that life is no longer there” (Adyashanti, 2004). The sense of me must yield to the I Am That I Am as I Am as One existent beyond definition. Ernest Holmes says “One alone in consciousness is a complete majority.”

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