“Your word is a lamp for my feet” Psalm 119:105 NIV

The stairway to Heaven is a journey not of destination but of arriving at the Truth.

The stairway to Heaven is not paved with gold, or the hard toil of effort, but with the word as stated in Psalm 119:105: “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Truth for each of us and all us is the Knowing as prophesied in Matthew 8:13: “Go! Let it be done just as you believed it would.” I find Truth not in the justice or legal systems of this world – for they are a far cry from Scripture’s Truth – as they bend and twist facts to suit the few not the many, to fill the coffers of the few not the many, to find fault not with the elite but with the proletariat.

I find Truth not in justice itself – but in the allowing of the Just Is of a situation – to remain as it is beyond interpretation, legislation, moralization – for this holds true to Matthew 7:1 “Judge not lest you be judged.” So by this statement Truth is beyond the judgement of mortal man. Shakespeare said it this way “Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Luke 6:45 shares “How can you say to your brother, ‘let me take the splinter from your eye’ when you do not see the beam in your own eye.” In not judging one finds a Truth that sets him free.

Thomas Troward spoke of Truth

Thomas Troward found the solace of truth in Revelations 21:16 – “And the city lieth foursquare and the length is as large as the breadth; and he measured the city with a reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are all the same.” This by means of introspection may to seen as the truth, that as with the city of this statement – is the same on all sides. From which ever side, angle or face you approach this city – or the whole of the Truth – it is unequivocally, unilaterally, universally one in the same. Ernest Holmes said “Listen to your inner voice; it will tell you the truth”.

And I recently came to my own experience of Truth. The Truth that when one goes to prayer first all aspects for which one seeks prayer will be handle simultaneously in The One Mind. I was invited to speak at Center for Spiritual Living in Yuma, Arizona to give the Sunday

K. Michael Curcuru: As I live in the love and light of Truth I am safe in my journeys.

Talk – and afterwards to do a talk and a signing for my recently released “Heartlight – from illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within.” On the eve of my departure – my mind began acting up – hinting I would not arrive on time – my travel would be difficult – the technology I was using to present my talk would not work – the Truth would not flow. As I was unable to qualm the storm of the worries in my mind – over The Four T’s of timing, travel, technology, and Truth’s flow – I turned to my Center for Spiritual Livings prayer team of powerful practitioners. Needless to say all unfolded in a complete, whole, perfect manner. The lesson here is that by going to prayer first the ever present truth is always revealed. The Truth there is nothing to be healed only God’s Truth to be revealed.

Today’s Prayer: “As I live the love and light of Truth I am safe in my journeys.”

Michael Curcuru authored Heartlight – illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within. He is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner living in Palm Springs, Ca