The Universe is built on faith.

“We can no more do without spirituality than we can without food, shelter or clothing” – Ernest Holmes.

A Hail Mary Pass in football – is when you are down and out – and out of downs, and the clock has run near out. It is that now or never moment when there is no time to consult with the coach – with your fellow players – or even with your logical self. It is when you as quarterback – and we as quarterbacks of our life – must listen to that still inner voice within. That inner voice of soul whispers within – which comes from a momentary place of peace amidst the chaos of the crowd – the confusion of conditions – the calamity of captivity of species consciousness conformity that surround sound screams “play it safe, save face, take a knee.”

A peace that knows no understanding from a place that is beyond understanding – soul whispers within – “Go Long, Go Long, Go Long on God.” For a moment which seems like the all of eternity – everything before your eyes swims in a surreal tide of unreality – a surreal tide of uncertainty – a surreal tide of unknowing. This surreal tide sweeps one up on the height of a wave crest on which one can see to a Heaven Beyond – a Heaven Beyond what most will see this lifetime – a Heaven Beyond what most will see in the many, many, many of lifetimes.

“…I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and I will sup with him, and he with me. -Revelations 3.20

“God must become an activity in our consciousness.”

Joel Goldsmith states of this Heaven Beyond “God must become an activity in our consciousness.”This Heaven Beyond is the promised land of the most high of Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Bobby Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King. It is seeing beyond the appearance of reality of logical possibility – to a game changer Visioned Reality of what is possible when we go long on the field of life, long on the awake of our dreams, long on God. It is seeing rightly from Knowing beyond Knowing – what lies before us – begins within us.

This path of seeing rightly empowers one to move beyond the entanglement, entrapment, enmeshment of the conditions of seeming impossibilities of this world – of seeing beyond the seeming powers of those who have claimed authority for this world – of seeing beyond the forces of injustice, poverty, and war – into a civility of consciousness, a tranquility of peace, a quiet inner surrender – by which one transcends that which seems impossible to humanity – into an awakening awareness – of Divine Possibility beyond limits of place, space, time.

Flight on Spirit’s Wings

It is from an attitude of gratitude one attains the highest altitude. And it is by going to prayer, meditation, and contemplation one soars to new heights of seeing,being, becoming, by which the old passes away into the new as does a caterpillar become a butterfly, a snake molts its skin, the ways of humankind transcend to a kindness of as in Heaven as on earth. Going long on god is a game changer of consciousness. The game change is long over due.

Today’s Prayer: “I live in the greatness of gratitude as I go long on God.”

Michael Curcuru authored Heartlight – illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within. He is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner living in Palm Springs, Ca