To my co-creator, the God within who pushes YES into the eternity of infinity, past all illusions of conditions and conditioned realities of this life plane Earthly world and others.  There’s Universal Vibrational Truth in always and in-all-ways saying YES.  YES, voiced aloud, held in silent whisper, or in contemplative embrace of thought, acts as Resonant Force, within the Field of Pure Potentiality, which molds forth manifest from un-manifest.

As one Voices Truth, affirmative echoes thought, attunes to resplendent reverberated frequency of YES, it actuates as the omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience of The Field of Heaven as one in unity with Earth Plane Reality.  As symphony of YES plays through, to and as us, we become individualized instruments of life, love, and God’s Song of Perfect Man, Perfect God, Perfect Being, which in Light of Truth, we forever and always are.

In Tone of Harmony, Tome of Truth and Testimony of Divinity, I AM, we are, ALL ONE, in the symphonic I AM power, of the YOUNIVERSE.  To my Divine Partner, the God Within, my comrade in consciousness, co-captain of my fate and intuitive compass, keeping me aligned with Soul’s Contract.  Heaven’s Harmony of Grace allows me the knowingness of the celestial winds of truth.  It is upon the celestial winds of faith, on which I soar, into the eternity of my soul.

God lets me run free, tack as needed, all while keeping my sails in trim with the Harmony of Heaven’s Grace, the Bounty of Love’s Splendor, and the Truth of the Father within.  Faith, is my light and lightness on which I soar in flight to the ever presence of now.   To all Angels, Saints, Souls and Spirits and to myself as Self, I give thanks for my expanding awareness of knowing beyond knowing, of consciousness coming to know consciousness as consciousness itself.

To all who travel in, as and of God’s Great Light, you are Heaven’s Gift of earth angels, earth angels, who shimmer forth the Light Essence Energy of God’s Radiance of Love. If there is such a time, place and space as “God’s Acre of Diamonds,” it certainly will not be found in the conditions of the world without, but rather in the quiet of the Landscape of the Soul Within.  From this epicenter of Soul of Self, we contemplate change within, and thus create change without.