Harmonic Vibrational Centering in True Self creates a tonality of at-one-ment of Conscious Unity.  This Supreme Event is the experience of Spontaneity of Spirit, Creativity of Soul, Ingenuity of Humanity in faithful flight upon freedom’s wings, celestial winds, freefall liberties of luminous God Light of Love.  This Spirit Resonance calms chaos, conflict, conflagration of world conditions as they arise without, by sanctity of serenity of eternal union of unconditional love within.  This Fountainhead Wellspring Life Force flows from Divine to human, as by one’s self-inquiry, confusion ends and conscious channeling begins.  Humanity’s earth view vistas come to yield to Divine-Scape-Visions of Plentiful Harvest in which all tilling, planting, reaping evolve to season-less one, season-less time, season-less love.  This God Field of energetic frequencies is attuned to by a transcendent listening.  A listening into the beyond of human spoken sermons.  A listening into the Soul Whispers of Angels.  Angels in embrace of humanity in God’s Divinity.

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