Ernest Holmes shared in his Science of Mind teachings “There is a presence in the universe and a Power in the universe which constitute a dual unity in action and reaction and a polarity from which all things come.” He related there would be a day when science, philosophy, and religion, would walk together.  The day of the marriage of science and religion may be at hand with the advent of quantum physics, as a tool to measure, meter, and explain that which logic can’t.  As we move from beyond logic, and then from beyond intuition, we enter into realm of Divine Inspiration.  Divine Inspiration is the transcendent realm of reality to which the High Mysticism of Science of Mind speaks.


Einstein came to accept, affirm, and declare that “while logic would get you from point A to point B, imagination would take you everywhere.”  Einstein believed “Imagination is more important thatn knowledge.”  Knowledge can only take us so far. But knowledge alone is not enough. In truth their is a point in consciousness where one point of light becomes as all points of light.  The book “Heartlight – from illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within” puts it this way “The far-away stars, are as near as the stars in our eyes.” And too, that as we “Imagine beyond the finite of this world, and dream as one with the Infinite Divine, we become as one within and without, of the Divine Presence.”


Divine Presence is always perfect, whole, and complete, shares Science of Mind.  This relates to the fact that in each piece of a puzzle, lies the possibility of knowing the whole picture of the puzzle.  Think of this in terms of a holographic imaging, where from which ever vantage point you view the image, you see the entirety of the image.  If we allow ourselves to play with this concept a little, and allow ourselves to move beyond our logical, linear way of thinking, we can come to imagine new realities beyond the known. Gene Roddenberry wrote “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.” “The Wizard of Oz” affirms “Follow the yellow brick road.” “There’s no place like the Heartlight of Heaven Within.”


Science of Mind states “One alone in consciousness with the infinite is a complete majority.”  In the concept of the High Mysticism of Science of Mind, one may come to see one point of light as all points of light, and all points of light as one point. This brings the concept of non-duality into the conversation. Amit Goswami author of “God Is Not Dead’ speaks of the concept of local and non-local reality.  Local reality is our present moment awareness.  Non-local reality is a realm of dimensions of awareness beyond that of our present reality. Goswami refers to do-be-do-be- have.


Emma Curtis Hopkins spoke of this same concept as did Goswami, only this way: “What you be, you see.”  Thomas Troward furthers Goswami’s and Hopkins thinking with his philosophy of I Am, therefore I can, therefore I will.  Goswami, Hopkins, and Troward were all pointing the the same truth, the same reality, the same presence of awareness to which the High Mysticism of Science of Mind presents as well.  While this aspect of High Mysticism is not as widely explored, expressed, or experienced in the Science of Mind teachings, it is an important aspect of the SOM teachings, and a vital part of the legacy of the works Ernest Holmes left behind.


As to the perennial question do we be then do, or do we do then be, I will leave that in the curve of the question mark.  Some questions, are more meant to be seen as koans, upon which to refelct, contemplate, and meditate, rather than coming to the finite of a determined answer. A mystic is one who experiences the whole of the all of the parts put together, as well as recognizing in each separate part, the entirety of the whole. A mystic is one who comes to experience beyond the known of reality, that which lies beyond the local reality, and yet that from which the local reality is conceived, created, and made manifest.  Ernest Holmes related that there is no healing to be done only the revealing of all as one.  All as one in love, which is perfect, whole, and complete. I like to share of love – “We come to love who we are – by losing who we aren’t.”  As we release and let go we come to experience – “In letting go of our identity, we experience our oneness with infinity.”