By whatever name, this God Force, God Stuff, God Gap is one in, as and of the Love and Light of God as man.  Through mindful meditation, contemplative prayer and centering we come to a place of quiet solitude beyond all horizons of known understanding.  Understanding’s tomfoolery of thought, becomes the booby prize of the entrapment of mind, for as Einstein stated, “Problems won’t be solved by the consciousness that created them.”   He further stated, “the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”  It is time to forgo the spirit of  the adventure of knowing, learning, understanding, and to embark upon a spirit of compassionate intrigue of un-knowing, un-learning and un-grounding, if we are to experience beyond of the mundanity of mediocrity.  In giving away traditional values, we give birth to new seeds of our thought, planted in the soil of fresh tilled mind/Mind, which manifests as Heaven’s Earthly Harvest.  The true vision behind the seeming duality of the field of varied crops, is the truth of specific crops each being unique, yet one in realization of resolution of each crop, as one crop, in bounty of Identical Harvest.