To Richard Bach, author and co-creator (for we never create alone) of “Jonathon Livingstone Seagull.”  To Jonathon for his courage to stand free from consensus of flock, to stand faithful in Oneness of Self, to stand fearless in God Sight, God Splendor, God Song.  To the adventurous quandary of quest within us all, which desires, directs and divines us to embody the freedom of our Spirit, to take flight upon the wings of our Soul, and to express, emulate and experience the unity of individual and collective humanity in true Liberty of Consciousness.  

Consciousness is nothing more or less than the implicit and explicit unfolding, expanding and experiential reality of a new vision, a new state, and a new way of being-ness.  This being-ness, precludes all paradigms of past precedents, all paradigms of patterned thought, and all paradigms of certitude and certainty of learned knowing.  In “letting go from the get go,” as Michael Beckwith proclaims, we enter into an ever present and ever presence of awareness.  Awakening to awareness dawns as we unsubscribe, un-school, un-learn and un-know,” all prior beliefs, values, attitudes.  In falling into the abyss of unknowing we take flight.

This no-thing-ness and every-thing-ness of consciousness coming to know consciousness itself, as the right here and now of the present moment, begins as we transcend our fixated ways of thoughts, words and actions and “Let go from the get go.”  In so doing, we enter a state of being of free flow, free choice, and free will.  This sense of streaming reality is the essential state (state of essence) in which finite and infinite, visible and invisible, manifest and -unmanifest becomes the oneness of the flux and flow of eternity into reality and back to the eternity of infinity, yet again.

It is in setting ourselves free from the stuck-ness, the reasoned rigidity and the false righteousness of conditions, in which we no longer by pattern, paradigm or precedent look to the “condition(s) for permission.”  We turn our cheek away from commonality of linear hours thinking, and as Emerson states, “…Freedom, choose him to be your king; He shall cut pathways east and west, and fend you with his wing.”  It is in the discovery of, execution of, and delivery of our freedom in consciousness, in which a revelation of Universal Principles of Truths is revealed.  These are the Truths of Joel Goldsmith’s “The Infinite Way.”  

This deliverance of omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, is the Silent Truth, heard beyond the drumbeat of cacophony, the command of chaos, and the incessant roar of species consciousness.   This Silent Truth, lies beyond intellectual realms of commonality, and is the inevitable consequence of any and all contemplative, meditative and centering journeys into the self of Self.   Intention is the calling card of the journey.  Transcendence of illusion is the process of the journey.  Illumination of the all of finite and infinite as one, is the light of the journey, in which all points of consciousness, become one in origin and destiny.

Truth is a state of being in which, embarkation of journey, the journey of journey, and the arrival of journey, become as one continuous experiential flow. Truth, as knowing of self as Self, is the awakening of awareness, by all who dare travel, beyond instilled, indoctrinated, incapacitating beliefs.  This veil of Maya, this duality of separation, this illusion of conditions, keeps hidden the Truth of mortal and immortal as one.  Revealed in Silent Truth, is the Reality that Spirit, Soul, and Man are now and always have been in union with Heaven as on Earth.  

Enlightenment Consciousness, is the sense beyond the senses, of being in the light in the moment.  It is a sense of wholeness, completeness and perfection of all rays of light emerging and remerging with the light of conscious oneness.  This is what Ernest Holmes refers to as “Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Being.”  It is this state in which center and circumference become as one.  It is this state of awareness in which dark and darkness transcend into the one Truth of light and lightness.  This is Enlightenment Consciousness on which all Souls take flight.  

The Truth of this light and lightness, is that it becomes the love light, the home light and the God light on which we arrive at the place we never left, the love in our hearts.   This journey of consciousness, mine, yours and ours in which the “Inner Spirit Voice” speaks from the infinite of “Soul’s Silent Essence” and takes voice in the harmony of “Heaven’s Choir of Angels.”  And too, who sing in the frequency of faith and in the key of love.  To know love without attachment is the music of Heaven, Heart and Soul as one.  In Truth, Love IS ALL there IS.

To my opening, allowing and loving heart that is in Truth the Heart of the world, and of World-kind as one.  To testimony that as we become aligned in synchronicity and symmetry with what Einstein called “The Field,” we enter into a Realm of Wisdom, Wonder and Wizardry.   To the Truth, mine, yours and ours, that in listening we come to hear beyond words, thoughts and intellectual patterned paradigms.  As we become the listening of listening itself, the silence of silence within, calls and beckons, with Clarion Song, of ever present and eternal silent echo: “I AM, I AM, I AM.”