Core beliefs, thoughts, and values hold us captive, imprisoned in a jail of our own making, through our un-mindfulness-of-mind.  Entrapment, is in good measure by the designation, determination, and deliberate design of others. It too, is due to failing to put up a guard at the gate of our mind, and by unquestioned acceptance of impressions of finite thought(s) of others.   In willingness to go blindly along with the crowd, we lose Authenticity of Self, and become as a lifeless clothes horse, on which others drape, dump and dress their ideas, ideals and ideations.  Despite this mismatch and misfitting of ideas, misery of ideals or misaligned ideations, we acquiesce to them, rather than refuse to embody them.  By this milquetoast manner, we become cloaked in an entanglement of the dark consciousness of others, by our own acclaim.  This maniacal madness of capitulation, veils our inner Light of Truth of Self.  It is time to unveil Truth of man as Truth of God.  Science of Mind so states: “Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Being.”   The beauty, bounty and blessings of the gifts of the Father, as in Heaven so on earth, were (are) in his son, through the all of eternity.