Why the Name: The Naked Practitioner?


First of all, it got you to this site, didn’t it?  Secondly, good question. Thirdly, as is inherent to Universal Truths, within the asking of the question, lies the resolve of the answer, for to all questions asked, is the answer revealed, not from the domain of the intellect, but from the Realm of Infinite Intelligence.  Einstein referred to this Infinite Intelligence as “The Field of Pure Potentiality,” and further stated “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  This field of pure potentiality, is in Truth the Reality of consciousness coming to know consciousness itself, or what some call “Source Energy,” some call “The Flow,” some call “Synchronicity,” and others yet, call “The Spark of the Divine Within.”

So, why the name: “The Naked Practitioner?”  Well, since this site will deal with conversations surrounding consciousness, I came to the realization that pure consciousness lies beyond all attachments, all meanings, all encloakment of limitations or perceived boundaries.  Even beyond the projected boundaries of our body suits, which are merely the reflections of the thoughts we hold, which respond to the Principles we believe.  So, how do we access this pure potentiality of “Source Energy, The Flow, Synchronicity or The Spark of the Divine Within?”  You got it.  Very much like standing in front of a mirror naked that is how we tap into, turn onto, tune into this magical, mystical, miraculous energy.  We get naked.  We strip down to our true essence as Light Energy.

We let go of it all to have it all.  We even unzip our Body Suits.  We strip away the old stories, past memories, paradigms of precedent,  bondages of boundaries of thought, and come to shift our perceptions from the illusion of the impossible, to the Reality of I AM POSSIBLE.  We step out of the molds of our mindsets into the freedom of what lies beyond definition.  As we come to let go of our identities, we come to experience our infinities.  This is what enlightenment teachings refer to as the journey of the pathless path, in which we return home to the place in our heart we never left.

This is the place of love and light and wisdom.  And in so be willing, in so being open, in so getting naked beyond all the precedents of the past of our history and practicing the awakening of awareness to the here and now of our present moment reality, and in so embodying the principles, of what I like to call, Youniversal Younity, we come to know beyond knowing, our Authentic Self.  This is the Self beyond the self.  This is the Self of I AM.  This is the Self, in which one comes to live in the very awake of one’s dream, by letting go of the past, embracing the power of presence, and thereby creating one’s future today.  This is the potentiality of getting naked in consciousness and practicing Youniversal Younity Principles of Truth.  And thus, the name: “The Naked Practitioner.”

In Love and Light,