“Prepare your mind for the best that life has to offer” – Ernest Holmes

As a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living, and a ministerial student in training with The Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies – I am often asked what is the role of the practitioner? What is the role of a good minister? What is the role of God? Let’s bring this down to a teachable moment – that’s is one of the things a practitioner does – is to allow seeds of insightful awareness – to flow in, through, and as them – and by embodying the light of seeds of consciousness for them self – hold a space in which another may come to an awakened, expanded, enlightened awareness in them self. A practitioner prepares his mind to be receptive, receiving, responsive to Divine Inspiration.

“Teach and practice, practice and teach, that is all we have; that is all we are good for; that is all we ought ever to do” – Science of Mind teachings.

In truth a good minister is a practitioner first, last, and always. Yet primarily, in my understanding of what makes a good minister – at this point in my studies – is that a good minister – evolves beyond the text, lessons, studies themselves. A good minister travels beyond the art, craft, skill of their training in spiritual mind treatment. A good minister becomes a greater minister in arriving at the compassionate consciousness, the presence of purpose, the state of being present to the reality that “a good minister – is not one who lets you know how much they know – but lets you know how much they care” – this came to me by way of Reverend Robert Brzezinski – one of my many wisdom teachers.

“All the power of the Universe is with you. Feel it. Know it. Then act as though it were true” – E. Holmes

Ministerial studies doesn’t exactly, directly, specifically give the answer as to what is the role of God in the universe of one’s life – at least not up until now in my studies – perhaps next year. So I will share with you where I stand on this point. God to me is the Ministry – Maxistry – Majesty of Knowing beyond Knowing that the ground of Love, Light and Truth upon which I walk, talk, and travel is the ground of Heaven as one with earth. As I faithfully lean into, feel into, believe into the awakening awareness – that as I act as if – all is whole, perfect, and complete that is how God shows up in my life – as the whole, perfect, complete of seed (thought) – soil (mind, law) – plant (body) as one. Those who walked, talked, acted as one in Ministry (seed) – Maxistry (soil) – Majesty (plant) – were Rosa Parks, Bobby Kennedy, Ghandi, and King. What will you plant, unfold, bloom in your life today?

Today’s Prayer: “Today I walk, talk, live the truth of my Ministry – Maxistry – Majesty as one.”

Michael Curcuru authored the newly released “Heartlight – from illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within.” He is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. He is pursuing ministerial studies with Centers for Spiritual Living and the Holmes Institute of Consciousness. He lives in Palm Springs, California.