This very exciting conversation – we are talking about free will, God’s palette and our palette. So I want to throw out there in terms of smaller will and Higher will…what if, what if the concept that people haven’t really stumbled across is, what if we actually get in our own way from a human perspective? And what if the conditioning we have from a human infrastructure, in other words, whenever there are limitations that are imposed upon us, such as the phrase that most of us have heard:

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

So that creates limitation right there when people, society, usually parents who want to be well-meaning, are basically saying:

Do something practical, earn a good professional degree, and therefore you will experience abundance in this lifetime.

And therefore, even though the concepts are given from a place where the parental voice is trying to be helpful, so what if this actually creates a limitation because as soon as this idea is basically implanted into a young mind, then that becomes the reality, right? So there is lack, there is limitation. Instead of a young human using free-will to go out and create and explore and know that life is there full of infinite possibilities, the free-will actually takes on a limitation, and I am really interested in your thoughts on this subject because I think that historically the concept of free-will and God’s will….how I understand it anyway, is that ooh,

I better be good and do what God wants me to do…

but what if there are no expectations from God in that way that we have thought historically thought, what if God is just reflecting back what we believe? Is that possible?


I think it is very much the way it works. And I think the possibility is that God’s will and our will is one and the same.

There really is no God’s will and our will.

What happens is we impose our will, or we allow someone else to impose their will upon us.   And that prevents God’s will from flowing through us. Going back to your example about the money tree. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Take a look at a blank canvas.

Just picture, we are now painting a tree with money growing on it…dollar bills growing on it…that is what we have printed on this blank canvas of life. So we are seeing the image of a tree, which is a finite definition, money on a tree, again money is a finite definition, and the blank canvas, the power, the possibility, the pure potentiality lies in the blankness of the canvas itself, and that is pure consciousness, and the moment we paint upon that canvas, either the will of someone else, the will of their words: money doesn’t grow on trees, and we take their words and we turn it into an image, which we paint on that canvas, that blank canvas is no longer a pure field of pure potentiality; it has will imposed upon it. Either ours or others upon us. And we do it. It’s when we don’t listen to it and we go into the quiet in between the words, in between the thoughts that the canvas stays blank and we can unify with pure potentiality of the field of the Universe.

So it’s in the non-definition, in the non-linear that anything we choose to paint can come through. And even in our palette of colours…the way I see God’s palette of colours is pure light energy, pure white light. And the way I see our palette of colours is the rainbow of colours that we see with our eyes because our human eyes perceive those frequencies of light energy as the rainbow of colours we see.   But there are millions of colours between the shades of colours that we perceive, and there are millions of colours beyond our eyes’ perceptions of those colours.


So hold that thought. We are out time.


Until next time. Namaste.

Quotable quote:

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”

  • Danny Kaye