As Near As the Stars in One’s Eyes

“Far away stars are near as the stars in one’s eyes.” Along the journey-less journey of journey-less path a discernment beyond person, place or thing arises, as Divine Wisdom transpires through Symbolic Sight. Symbolic Sight is seeing from the mystical third eye into what lies beyond consensus thinking. Ernest Holmes writes, “We are all immersed in the atmosphere of our own thinking. This decides what shall take place in our lives” (Holmes E. , 1938). By one’s thought, physical form and formation of stars can transmute to formless of empty sky. This Reality beyond known reality is truth beyond illusory death of a star into its illumination of revival, return, rebirth, as Supernova Energy. A Supernova Energy by which a star burns far brighter in ebb of death than in its prior zenith of life.

While afore explanation may not be founded in common sense perception it is meant to bring clarity to the misperception of birth, life, death as being separate realities, and into the Unified Reality of no birth, life, death. A Unified Reality of return, rebirth, rejuvenation, occurring as a journey-less journey of no beginning, middle or end. This Conscious Evolutionary Unfolding Truth is of Heaven’s Treasures as one’s own. Heaven’s Treasure of Love’s Light that transcends dark.

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