Consciousness does not have a pause button.


Michael: For me, consciousness does not have a pause button. WE may have a pause button, and that pause button might be our mind, which tends to stop us and put us on pause.

Theresa: It’s quite fascinating looking at consciousness as a thing – it’s more of a medium of expression – in the same way that a fish doesn’t know it’s in the water. It doesn’t know any different. We literally swim in a sea of consciousness.

Michael: We do and that that sea of consciousness… If you get that concept that even if you are swimming in a pool, you are really one with the water. You are not in the water, you are one the water. I came across this image the other day – you take a clear crystal pitcher and dip it in the water, and fill it with water, look at it; and then submerge that crystal glass pitcher in the water, and then in a sense you can’t see the crystal glass pitcher because it is filled with water and it’s in the water. And when it’s filled with water and it’s in the water, and it’s pure crystal, the vessel itself dissolves into oneness with the water.

Theresa: That’s a beautiful example.

Michael: That’s the concept of consciousness. Dissolving ourselves in consciousness beyond the pause button of thought, the stop button of thoughts of our mind, and going with the flow of the Universe in divine right order. Some people talk about keeping a miracle journal. And when you do, you realize that miracles are there every single day.

Theresa: That is so true. You recently told me about the miracles you experienced over the weekend when you were organising a trip.

Michael: I helped put together a cruise with people from my spiritual centre. And everything was going fine and then consciousness got kind of tossed around a little, sort of topsy-turvy. We went back into holding things in consciousness in divine right order. Everything worked out… except when we got to the event, someone had illegally parked in the bus spot. It turned out that due to the generosity of someone, we were able to park in the ally. So, due to the car that was parked in the wrong spot, we got exactly what we needed.   Some people couldn’t walk three blocks to the pier, so we ended up with a perfect option, which facilitated everyone on board.

That is an example of something you might put in a miracle journal.

Theresa:   That is an excellent example. It also reminds me of the Science of Mind teaching where consciousness is always evolving. So it brings into our experience a higher vibration – more expansiveness- the idea of evolving always in advance of previous conditions. I know for me, I have a tendency to look into the past and imagine there was a bright shiny moment that was better – perhaps because I recognise it as an experience….but knowing that consciousness is always evolving to create something even better than what we had before.

Michael: It would be easy to look at the external conditions as they existed. And you needed an advanced technology to work on something you were creating. Can you explain how the technology of tomorrow, showed up today?

Theresa: Yah, absolutely.  What I was going through, almost with a high level of anxiety, trying to resolve these computer and technical issues, I had, I was looking to the experts, and they said: Well, if you buy a desktop rather than a laptop, that was the big recommendation, you won’t have these internal conflicts…as I look at that phrase: You won’t have those internal conflicts…gosh, that is a great example of consciousness right there, that one has to always work on oneself and treat oneself – to dissolve and resolve internal conflicts…that’s what we know in Science of Mind…no, I was still looking to outside experts, looking to outside appearance, to have this so-called expert solution, to create what I want. As it turned out, the desk top was not the answer, it did not provide the solution, and it was also inconvenient for me as I hadn’t used a desktop for 10-years. So I kept on with prayer and meditation to resolve this situation.

Michael: Just a minute here…very interesting that you turned to prayer and meditation, contemplation, to resolve a technical issue.

Theresa: I know! Isn’t it great! Instead of saying: When all else fails, turn to Spirit. Note to self:   First thing to do, hello. That was a good reminder to myself. My intuition told me go back to the computer shop. So after spending months of research, I discovered a new laptop, that had only been released six days before, it was so new, there were no reviews. So I asked for a demo and I bought it. It totally meets my requirements.

The message here is really about DIVINE TIMING. It is going within, turning to Spirit first for guidance, but it is also about divine timing. This is what I am looking at with a high degree of gratitude and awe. I was trying to find a perfect solution, and the answer did not come onto the market until that day. So I could not have found my answer any sooner. This makes me wonder: perhaps this is also true for decisions and choices in our life.

For those of us who are single, well, why hasn’t the Universe sent me my right partner: what if the right partner is not yet available to be met?

Michael: And what if the right partner who is not yet available is ourselves?

Theresa: Yes. So we have to get right within our own consciousness. We have to give up and release and dissolve our own internal conflicts.

Michael: Just as we were talking about before. Clarity within ourselves – we become one. Do we move forward or do we hit the pause button? Consciousness has no pause button. And I think that pretty much wraps it up for today.

Theresa: I think it does. Until next time.