The state of Light and Love, is an “intense” state of being, for it is only experienced in the “in- tense” moment of right here and right now, for love is a harmonic frequency vibration, which exists not in the past tense, not in the future tense, but in the in-tense, or intensity (intense reality) of present moment awareness.  This state of Love and Light, comes to be our here and now experience, as we, as Emmerson states, so “get our bloated nothingness out of the way.”  It is a and Experiential Reality that exist beyond the dictates of intellectual thinking, beyond the impressed intuition of studied knowledge and comes to be as we “allow” and “let flow” the Divine Inspiration of unity, to carry us past bondages of boundaries, past constraints of linear thinking, past locality of limited horizons and enter into a whole, perfect and complete flow of un-dampened light energy of consciousness in pulsating energy form.

This is the Light Energy of being-ness, this is the Light Energy of seeing-ness, this is the Light Energy of the flowing current of consciousness, which flows, from the fountainhead of Source, and along the River of Infinity.  This is the existent state of no attachment, no attachment to form or formless, in which duality is no longer a reality, for it has given way to, merged with the Divine Reality of Heaven’s Music, which plays in the key of life, and in the attunement of all hearts as one.  It is as we allow, our hearts to open, our minds to quiet, our soul its voice and our Spirit to flow that we come to an Ascended Awareness of Infinite Intelligence which brings together all hearts as the heart of world and world kind as one.

It is through the act of witnessing, through the act of staying present, through the act of the deep prayer in which the prayer becomes the one being prayed, in which we move from revolution within our self, to evolution of the self as Self, to the resolution of Love and Light as the only reality.  This is the Truth of Unity, which is ever present beyond the veil of mind thought(s) which keep us, to the degree we so permit, separate and divided from, as Ernest Holmes calls it “The thing itself.”  This is the primordial energy from which all things originate and disintegrate back into time and time and time again.  This is the falling away of illusion, and the giving way to the illumination of the Light Eternal.

This Light Eternal dissolves all constricts, constraints and condemnations of worldly divides, dissolves all human paradigms of restraints, rejections and retaliations of Species Consciousness and ascription to fire branded conformity of adherence to norms, and brings Light and Love to the dark of the world.  A paradigm shift from intellectual fact, to intuitive knowing, to inspirational flowing is the mandate and mantra of consciousness coming to know consciousness itself.  This flow of Love and Light is eternal and ever present, and exists in a continuum beyond all time lines.  For in Truth, in Love and in Light, as Ernest Holmes states, it is as we come to change our “thinking we change our lives.”  For this is the nature of consciousness, to respond to the impress of words, thoughts and action, as directed by our self to our Self.

This is the awareness of Universal Principle, in which Love points the way, and Law makes the way possible.  This placeless place, the space-less space of no thought, no box requires the prerequisite of un-conditioning, the preamble of unschooling, the personal priority of letting go of all of one’s identity, to become the all of one’s infinity. This quantum leap into the awakening and awakened awareness of consciousness expanding to know consciousness itself is held mandate to Courage of Heart, Strength of Spirit and Truth of Soul.  From this alignment, one may come to springboard on commitment of faith, on power of prayer and on will to soar into the flight of True Self.  

This is the “intense” state of being of Love and Light.  This is the intensity (intense realty) of the right here and now of the moment.  This is the presence of being in which we are safe, in which we are one, in which we are Love and in which we are Light.  This is coming home again to your heart, and knowing it as if for the first time.  This is the coming home again to Heaven as right here on earth.  This is the coming home again to the place we never left.  This is the Love and Light of the beacons of our Spirit, the callings of our Soul and the harmony of our Heart as one with the heart of the world.


In Love and Light,