Peace is not found by

By waging of war or

By raising one nation’s

Flag over another’s land


Peace is found by the

Lowering of all flags

Erasing all boundaries

Coming to see all as one


Peace is not found by 

Excluding freedom from many

In favor of the domination

Of the elite few at the top


Peace is found by the

Emancipation of inclusion

Of equality consciousness

Of all and many as one


Peace is not found by

Turning plow shares

To weapons or by turning

One of us against another


Peace is found in the communal

tilling, planting, reaping of

God’s bountiful harvest of

In Heaven as so on earth


Peace is not found in the

Point blank power of

One’s prestige of riches

Or greed of armaments


Peace is found by centering

In the loving kindness of

A karma of compassion

Of all hearts as one


Peace is not found by 

Standing strong and

Courageous upon the

Field of human battle


Peace is found in one’s 

Vulnerability of embrace

In one’s victory of truth

And in one’s valor of Self


Peace is not found by a

Focus upon conditions

Of world affairs, world chaos

Or of the world’s opinions


Peace is found by the seeing rightly

Beyond the illusion of appearances

Into the illumination of truth

Of love as being ever present


Peace is not found by questing

For in truth peace is never lost

Peace is as near as the love

One holds dear in one’s heart


Peace resides in the close

Of one’s soul – it flights

On Spirits high soar of

God’s wings of eternity


Peace is God’s eternity of

Love, Light and Truth in

Which all questions are

As one with the answer


Peace is the smile of a newborn

The flight of a flock of doves

The Knowing beyond Knowing

Life is eternal and evermore


Peace is the oneness of all

As perfect, whole, complete

It is the giving-ness that

Forgives all grievances


Peace is the unlocking

Of the awareness that

Love is all there is, and

That all there is, is love


Peace is the awakening within

To the truth of the without that

Each of us is as all of us in the

Oneness of God in our hearts


Be well,

Stay conscious,


And so it is


K. Michael Curcuru authored Heartlight – illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within. He is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner living in Palm Springs, Ca. He studies ministry with Holmes Institute of Consciousness and Centers for Spiritual Living. Michael currently tours with his book Heartlight – and his highly successful workshop presentation from Me 2 We 2 One – and of his newest workshop – Creating From Oneness. He is available for spiritual guidance and support, prayer treatment sessions, speaking engagements.