Prologue To Consciousness

Prologue To Consciousness

It is often stated “the unexamined life is not worth living,” and yet is the analyzed life worth more and to whom, analyst or patient?   To many times, in worldly ways of constricts, constraints and condemnations, contracts of analysis call for patient observation from an analyst’s blind and binding fix of paradigms. Thus patient wins analyst’s favor, and freedom from retaliation of rejection from friends, family and world by donning costume and caricature and by playing part so prescribed.  This ascription to fire branded conformity of adherence to norms strays patient from Assigned Life Purpose into estrangement from Sense of Self.

This indoctrination of intoxication of illusions of separation of self from Self through deceptions of perception, mandates of madness and marginalization of one and many through mold and mindset of common hours thinking, separates not only self from Self, but Spirit from Soul and Soul from Heart.  This multiplicity of isolation becomes the exponential experiential lost-ness of the many.  A dark desperation of duality spins shadowy webs of entangling fear across the world.  In a world of so much and of so many, how can so many be suffering so much and be so much alone?  How amidst encroaching darkness do we become the light?

This Great Divide is the Dark Abyss of Anomaly that is overtaking the world, a world in which we must now shine forth our Heart Lights of Love if we’re to find our way home to Spirit, Soul and Heaven’s Gate.  Daily meditation, contemplation and centering prayer are tools that open us and make welcome in us the light that guides us to Heaven’s Hearth, Spirit’s Source and Soul Self as one in Heart of God.  As our doing and doing-ness in the world transformative shifts to ways of being and being-ness, the change we embody becomes the change in the world we see.

Through mindful meditation, contemplative prayer and centering we come to a quiet solitude within that passes all known understanding.  Understanding’s tomfoolery of thought, becomes the booby prize of the entrapment of mind, for as Einstein stated, “Problems won’t be solved by the consciousness that created them,  stupidity’s doing the same thing over and expecting different results,  the difference between stupidity and genius,  genius has limits.”  It is time to forgo the spirit of adventure of knowing, learning and understanding and to embark upon an unquenchable spirit of compassionate intrigue of unknowing, unlearning and un-grounding if we are to come to experience how life got to be the way it is.  In giving way of traditional values we may come to give birth to a new bounty of life in which the seed of our thoughts, planted in soil of mind/Mind, manifests as Heaven’s Earthly Harvest.  This is the seeing rightly of Christ Consciousness.

Ways of seeing beyond the outsight of the five senses must courageously  be summoned from our Sense of Spirit, Soul Sight and awareness of Self as self.  James Joyce, states this in his eloquent claim of victory of God as Man, in his much  “I go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of experience and to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race.”  Man if he is to survive, if the planet is to survive must yield from desperation of despair into the unity of inspiration of Infinite Intelligence within.  Thereby, he will so come to the advancement of conditions beyond commonality of common sense, common thinking, common beliefs, common thoughts and common values.  Man must stretch to explore far reaches of consciousness if he’s to return Home to Heaven.

Our core beliefs, thoughts, values hold us captive to the imprisonment of a jail of our own making, through our unconscious use of mind.    Our entrapment, in good measure was by design of others.  And too, due to our failing to put up a guard at the gate of our mind, and by our passive unquestioned acceptance of the impress of finite thought of others.   In willingness to go blind along with the crowd,  we lose authenticity of Self, and become as a lifeless clothes horse, which others drape, drag, dumped and dressed their ideas, ideals and ideations upon.  Despite the mismatch and misfit of ideas, misery of ideals or misalignment of ideations, we acquiesce to, rather than decline to embody them.  In this manner of fashion we become cloaked in dark consciousness of others by own acclaim.

A paradigm shift from Intellectual Fact, to Intuitive Knowing, to Inspirational Truth is both mandate and mantra if man’s survival is the desired outcome.  A transcendence of all precedents of life plane reality awareness must evolve into the expansive expression of the awakening, the honoring and the living from the eternality of Absolute Spirit Consciousness, Almighty Soul Reality and Affirmed Manifest Destiny of as in Heaven so on Earth.  This proclamation, this divine dialogue, this decree of unity hereby dissolves all precedents of effect by Divine Right Order into the All Presence, All Powerful, All Purposeful Principle of First Cause.   It is as all concepts of birth, life and death through Ascension Consciousness Awareness come to be seen as primordial energy, in constant flow from formless to form, that man may move beyond his current reality into the current of consciousness, the potentiality of possibility,  the oneness of  love.


In Love and Light,



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