The Soulscape of Human Possibility lies beyond cultural levy, layering or latitude of composites, complexities, conundrums and constraints of fortitudes of erroneous beliefs, values and attitudes.  Society’s perpetuity of egoistically reliant, dysfunctional, outrageous, outlandish, outmoded constructs of wounding and wounded-ness, leaves little room for God’s Holy Grail of Angels.  Upon reflection, I find it of contemplative interest, as to why my father queried my belief in angels, and as to his specificity of thought, as to residence wherein angels abide.

In consciousness, there is no assigned exactness as to where angels alight, be it upon earthly shoulders, adrift on clouds in sky, in Heaven on high, or round campfire flames of a mythmaker’s storied tales and talismans of character and plot formed of eternity.  The Power of angels, in fact, harbor in Truth of Heaven and Earth, of father and son, of God Presence, as one.  My father passed a few years ago.  God, my father and I have never been closer.  As I come to let go main-street precedents of mandated perceptions, I wade deep in a mystic stream of continuity.

A mystic stream of continuity, in which life and death are as co-existent in a dance of at-one-ment with eternity.  A dance of at-one-ment with eternity, eternity perfect, whole and complete step with the angels resident upon my shoulders, upon drifting clouds, in Heaven on high, or too, round a mythmaker’s campfire flame.  My presence of angels and yours, are attendant in Spirit Source, Soul Essence and God’s Light, forever shining from the Heaven of our own hearts.

To Presence of Angels, Innocence of Saints, Serenity of Soul, and Faithful Fortitude of Spirit, and to myself, all for not only showing up, but for showing up in the Divine Right Order, of earth time reality.  Dr. Reverend Joe Hooper, Center for Spiritual Living, Palm Desert, Ca. (CSLPD) states: “to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is unacceptable.”

My advice: show up on time, in a “listening state” and thus come to tune in, tap into, turn on to Eternity’s Broadcast.  And too, show up in a ceaseless Attitude of Gratitude, for gratitude is a causal state of consciousness, in which like attracts like unto itself. I am grateful, for my prayerful connectivity of life song, which I sing aloud to the world, and silent to myself, strong in voice and character, each day.  To friends, family and faith, which I hold in high regard, as do they me.