Spirit Wisdom – Soul Truth – Love’s Light

This article honors Maya Angelou’s life values of Spirit Wisdom, Soul Truth, Love’s Light

Raise up, praise up, amaze up in faith, love, light, and Truth

“Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I’ll rise.” Maya Angelou

Raise up, praise up, amaze up in faith, love, light, and Truth. This is what Maya Angelou’s life was about. To rise from the ashes of shame, blame, guilt. To prey up and to bring forth a Divine Force of a poetry of words. A poetry of words which carried a consciousness far beyond what the writing, speaking, reading of the words themselves could impart. To amaze up from Source Within to a rousing call of Divine Inspiration of love, peace, kindness for one and all. A love, peace, kindness which transcended the eclipse of the night of her soul to a dawn break of horizons of moons, suns, tides of consciousness of A World that Works for Everyone.

I at times wonder why it is that the few and not the many find the indwelling insights of their vociferous passion of spirit, their boisterous courage of soul, and their volition to choose to rise above their own pain of humanity – and come to a wisdom council of a creative force within – as did Maya Angelou. A creative force which spoke of the gifts of a multi-cultural America, a shift from Racism to Gracism, a transcendence of prejudices and sins by honoring our differences, and the art of inclusion – all of which are the talk titles for Centers for Spiritual Living this month. I invite you to find your nearest Center for Spiritual Living and come in an openness and willingness to listen, learn, live these values.

It as each one of us individually calls forth our unique and individual expression of Conscious Creativity – as did Maya Angelou through her poetry – as did Dr. Martin Luther King through his sermons – as did Rosa Parks through her courage to stand tall on ground of faith – that we will as a nation move beyond the reactivity of the gun fire in our streets, the war fronts of our own destruction caused by the divisiveness of boundaries and the collateral damage of bombings, and the disharmony of discourse of angry words, thoughts, and actions that separate us rather than unite us in the mission, values, purpose of love as all, all as one.

It as as we move from our reactivity to world conditions – to the creative response of Source Within – that we will find a spontaneous flow – of our own creative energy, of our own light of truth, of our own loving kindness of compassion and caring which will build a bridge which will cross the divide of the dark abyss of the conditions before us – and lead us into a liberty of love, light, and truth. Maya Angelou’s poetry was her bridge from darkness to light. What is your bridge that leads from the dark to the light? And when you find it will you build it?

Today’s Prayer: “I AM ONE with Divine Creative Consciousness.” And so it is.

Michael Curcuru authored Heartlight – illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within. He is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner living in Palm Springs, Ca.