Storied Theme or Life’s Stream

Spirit’s Infinite Reality creates manifest reality from one’s soul story. One’s soul story either present (here, now) or archived (past) creates the frame, filter, foundation of advocacy of either false of beliefs or Truth of Oneness from which one’s future is molded. As one releases cloak of personality, projected images of self, false beliefs, values and attitudes, one moves beyond relativity of species consciousness. One moves into a new awareness of Conscious Oneness. A Conscious Oneness beyond hold of family ideations, indoctrinated scholarly learnings, inputs of concepts of duality that no longer serve. One comes to tell a new story of here and now. One comes to share the story of being true to oneself. One comes to live in the beyond of story itself. One comes to forsake story theme for life stream of bigger perspective, bigger truth, bigger reality. A Reality in which one is not just part of a bigger whole. But a Reality in which one is complete within the part itself. The part itself which in its perfection makes the bigger whole complete.

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