Tapestry of Timelessness

As Man transcends to Absolute Realms, he aligns with God’s Tapestry of Timelessness that transposes all concepts of divisiveness, of disharmonious beliefs, into capacious consciousness, in which past, present and future relinquish all prerequisites of the necessity of logical, linear, sequential unfoldments by time.  Man, thus comes to expansive truth, of Ernest Holmes “We cannot contract the infinite, but we can expand the finite.”  Man, through invitation and receptivity, to all Infinite Inclusiveness, empowers a sentient timelessness of eternity within, co-existent as one with present moment of here and now, without.  This trans-reason state, is the awakening to the never-was and always-is of the timelessness of dreams come true.

Man thus evolves, beyond sensate dictates alone, to be guided by a Divine Theatre of Infinite Intelligence, based on the stage of possibility of the present moment, as point of entry into a cohesive explicate and implicate orbit of pure potentiality.  As Man’s monologues, dialogues and diatribes, arise from beyond all intellectual and intuitive knowing, they flow from Divine Inspirations of multilogues of magical, mythical and miraculous Celestial Communications of Exponential Wisdom.  These Revelatory Experiences of knowing beyond knowing, of seeing beyond the sightedness of this world, merge and meld intellectual, intuitive and inspirational realms, through Cosmic Catalytic Combustion, into Spontaneous Consciousness.

This Supreme Spiritual Event, expresses in, through, and as man, as Independence of Spirit, Serenity of Soul and Infinity of Man.  Man by foundational wings, winds, wands of right attitudes, liberating license of empowering values and by Eminent Domain of his Divinity, finds Holistic Order Within.  Cacophony, chaos and conflict of outer conditions, thus gives way to inner solitude of creative conscious activity, of Life’s Flight of Wonder, Wisdom, Wholeness, as one with Heaven on earth.  As man releases, conceptual views of finite landscapes of earthly limits, he comes to expressions from God’s Infinite Soulscape of bountiful harvest.

Harmony of Resonance, with hyper-dimensional, resplendent vibrational frequency energies, reveal a Master Mind Reality of Pure Potentiality.  Awareness, awakening and allowing are primary key(s) to dissolvent of personal ordinary ownership of worldly illusion(s), into evolutionary shift of inner consciousness, into impersonal World of Love, Light and Illumination.  This emboldened state of Liberty Consciousness, is an inevitable shift of man, from predilection for problems of time bound finite mind, to timeless, changeless perfection of Infinite Mind’s I AM.


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