We are back with a new topic: “The clouds of consciousness”. This business about giving away our power to outside conditions. It’s really significant isn’t it?


It is. To me everything begins in consciousness. Consciousness is: the it is. Even the clouds in the sky. Even the weather, begins in our consciousness, and that is a big concept to get, that we would create the clouds in the sky, but the power comes from… if we accept we created the clouds in the sky, we can uncreate it with our thought.

So, if you are going on a picnic, and all of a sudden the clouds come in in the morning – and , you say:

“Oh, we’re not going on the picnic because it’s a cloudy day.”

If you hold in consciousness on the way to the picnic: the clouds will clear, there will be a break in the clouds, the sun will shine through, and you can have a great picnic. Your power of consciousness can create that.

But if you stay stuck on the clouds, and you don’t go on the picnic, you are never going to find out if the clearing in the clouds showed up because you weren’t there. So show up in consciousness.


Sometimes I think that’s called intentionality or holding the intention. We know about group intention -there’s been many demonstrations about the power of prayer. For example, statistically speaking, when groups of people prayed in a particular town, in a collective way, they know that the rate of crime decreased and that was the group intention that made a difference in consciousness.

And then one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Chris Griscom, ( who lives in New Mexico and runs the Light Institute, for many years she was teaching classes in consciousness, and in fact, she was demonstrating with young children that they are powerful beings. These young children — I’m not sure how old they were – maybe between six and ten, or something, were actually able to dissolve clouds. And she said that is the easiest thing to do because you’re holding in consciousness your intent. So this business about being lined up in consciousness is the exact opposite to where we started this conversation, which was giving away your power.

We can give away our power to all sorts of things, that we might call circumstances, or conditions, but you and I were talking about some of these technical issues we were having and giving away our power to an external service provider!


Right. Rather than turning within, holding consciousness, we did very well at staying peaceful, which was a great advancement rather than being in the chaos.

So holding that calm state was great. But we still went to the outside sources. We went to Google and we went to Bing, and we went to manufacturers for the answer, and they did not have the answer.

We should go to the Inside Source!
And there is a Higher Power that always has the answer and that automatic reflex not to go within but to go without, it was quite surprising to see that at times you are not even aware of that automatic reflex to look outside for the answer rather than trusting consciousness. You can trust consciousness.


It was a knee-jerk reaction wasn’t it?

Absolutely. And you can vapourize clouds. And you can resolve technical issues through consciousness, something that a lot of people aren’t aware of that you can handle technical issues, a broken dishwasher, a broken garage door opener can actually in consciousness repair themselves because there is never any disrepair. Everything is in perfect alignment in consciousness.

It’s a far-out concept. It is something that is simple but not easy to bring to fruition.

So not going to the knee-jerk reaction, not going to that ingrained need to turn our power over to something else, someone else, but to go within, to a higher power, to consciousness where everything is ultimately resolved.


So here is an opportunity. Shall we go out on a limb now and in this moment demonstrate a treatment we might do, so we don’t give away our power like this?


Sure. The five steps of treatment, for people who are not familiar with it, is really simple.

God is, and if you don’t like that word, use Source is. Consciousness is. I AM consciousness.

You are one with consciousness.

You are one and then in step three, all is well, everything is perfectly aligned in consciousness. And then since there is consciousness, I am consciousness. All is perfect in consciousness, I’m grateful.

Step four, you give gratitude and thanksgiving, and then step 5, you release whatever it is you are questing for.. whatever your question is to the answer of the universe. In releasing it, one of the laws of the universe, one of the laws and properties of consciousness is that it always responds and always says “Yes”.

So I am consciousness. All is well in consciousness. I am grateful that that is the way it is, and I let it go because in consciousness, it’s already done.

In review, here are the 5 steps of treatment: –

The Five Steps of Prayer Treatment:

Realization: Knowing that God/Source, the Divine Mind is perfect, whole and complete

Unification: Knowing the truth of this One Power and Presence is the back of all things, and we are part of the All that Is.

Recognition: Recognising the truth of Unification, what is true for the Power and the Presence must be true for me.

Thanksgiving: Offering gratitude for this awareness.

Release: Letting it go.

So you’ve moved from the condition of conditions, to the illumination of consciousness.

Okay, do you feel like doing a live treatment right now?


I will go for a live treatment, yes.

One with the Flow of Life
There is one Source, One presence, One universal power
It is in the trees, it is in the birds, it is in the lakes
The song, the clouds

The power is everywhere and it is

I am One with that power
I am One with the universe

I am One with all alignment
I am One with the trees, and the flowers, and birds, and the bees, and the lakes, and rivers;

I am One with that flow
And that flow is ever-growing and in that perfect flow, I know all is well
And I claim that all is well

I see it in the world of nature, and I know it in the world of consciousness nature reflects consciousness

In those circles inside a tree those rings go out beyond the tree itself, and the ripples in a pond – throw a rock In a pond – that is consciousness going out the same way we hold a thought and our thought consciousness ripples out

And I am grateful that what we hold in consciousness and the thoughts we hold, go out like ripples in the pond and they manifest because the universe always says YES

Is always expanding
Is always the ripples in the pond

The ripples of our thoughts and it is consciousness that is really the truth of the universe and together we say that truth of consciousness: And so it is.


And so it is. And on that note we are out of time ’til next time.