I long ago discovered Jonathan Livingstone Seagull or it discovered me as books have their way of doing.  It is perhaps how this writing found its way to you.  Jonathon’s ceaseless quest is of truth, choice, valor into Absolute Consciousness. A consciousness of Spirit Sight, Soul Song, Heart Presence.  Jonathan’s quest, is as one’s own into Ascension Awareness of undiminished Self’s cosmos of cosmic consciousness uncloaked.  A receptive, responsive consciousness that to question’s mystery – what is mine to do? – echoes answer’s mastery be God’s trail blaze illumination of heartlight of love amidst dark uneasy conditions.  Conditions that harness creative expression of God’s healing truth of Infinite Love that dispels all of shadows without by shining forth of Heartlight Within.  Murky lensed views of reality, create deceptions of perceptions of Body Celestial (God) as seeming to be separate from body terrestrial (human).  Species consciousness transgressions of unexplored, unresolved, unsettled feelings and emotions, create energy frequency barriers that bolster illusion of human as apart from God’s Thunderous Truth of Oneness of God, human, being.   Hence human summons suffering.  Yet Heaven’s Hallmark is “The Heartlight of Love” that bridges illusory dark of humanity with a Perfect Divine Unityof the All-ness and Oneness of God as Love and Love as All.

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