Paradigm shift from prerequisite of Intellectual Fact, to prescience of Intuitive Knowing, to profundity of Inspirational Truth, must eminently become man’s mantra, man’s way of being, man’s way of seeing rightly, if survival is a desired outcome.  Intellectual thought is limited of and by its very nature of linear processing, which predisposes any ways and means of non-linear resolve of conditions into purity of flow of consciousness, from which conditions are perceived as effect, effect created, by the causal consciousness of thought held in mind.  Intuition, while an evolutionary step along the path of consciousness, is not in truth, spiritual revelation.  It is a collective learning, which can seem to be direct revelation, but in light of introspection, has its seeds in knowledge of Man, not Divine Revelation.  Carolyn Myss, in Entering the Castle, states, “Although intuition can allow you to reshape your ordinary life with a sense of spiritual power, and you may even get some spiritual directives through your intuition, intuition is not a spiritual force.  It is a practical skill that you can develop, a matter of ego, not of the soul.”   The ego plays in the hourglass of linear time and finite boundaries.  The soul expresses in Liberty of Consciousness of Heaven’s Divinity.