My father, once and long ago, asked of me, “Did I believe I had an angel upon my shoulder, an angel in poise, perched and prescient of my fate, and thus, God-assigned to purposefulness, Heavenly, watching over me.”  I somewhat, as I too often, too automatically, too instinctively, up until now have done, without sufficient, prerequisite pause, moment of reflection or conscious alignment, fast responded “no.”

I thus, became jailor of my own making, caged within the voiced resonance of the fortitude, the formidability of the frequency of the vibrational reality of the word “no” I had just spoken. For by manner, measure and means of speaking, or misspeaking, we align with either the world of enchantment, or with the world of disenchantment.

The world of enchantment responds exclusively to the evolutionary empowerment of the word-force “yes.”  I then, in revelatory acclaim of such awareness, and intention of clarity stated “yes.”  Yes, in that “I’ve not one, but many angels present in my life.  Some in rest, upon my earthly shoulders, some adrift upon sky high clouds, some reposed in the Angelic Realm of Heaven’s beyond.”

I disbelieve, in human precincts of lack, limitation or liability, for restrictive beliefs eventuate as constructs, confinements and constrictions upon our pictured reality.   Science historian Charles Singer says “We are the mirrors of the world we see.”  How big is your mirror?  How small your truths?  In the formation of the question is found the entirety of the answer.

Question and answer reside in forever existent harmony of congruence.  As do negations and affirmations, they come to a perfect, whole, complete equilibrium of neutrality, beyond degrees of separation, analytic measure, or interpretive divide.  This non-variant singularity is Absolute Truth of state of birth, infancy, childhood, adulthood and death, as the ever present, here and now continuum of consciousness.

This timeless at-one-ment exists in the unity beyond duality, in which the River of the Eternity of Heaven exists in simultaneous synchronicity, with the river of the eternity of Man. It exists as well, in the Experiential Reality of the Unity of Nature, as one with the harmony of Man.  And too, it exists in The Knowingness of Angels ever present, as the Oneness of the Presence of God.