The Pond of Unknowing

 Journey-less Journey

The journey-less journey, along the pathless path, in which there is no beginning or end, departure or arrival, on time or late, just the experiential knowing beyond knowing of returning to a place you never left, and knowing it as if for the first time.  T. S. Eliot states this in such delicious and elegant delivery of words and enlightened eloquence of poetic prose:  “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” The “place,” we come to know – is for myself – as if a pond of such clarity – that as one looks into this pond – as one falls into its depths beyond the seen of the surface – a Knowing Beyond Knowing arises – in which All Is As One. This oneness is of goodness, greatness, grandness of the omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence of Eternal Essence. An Eternal Essence appearing before us in manifest worldly form – emanated from God’s Pond of Pure Potentiality. In this All Is As One of God’s Pond of Pure Potentiality – each mountain top – is one with all mountain tops. It is the mountain top of Dr. Martin Luther King  – “I have been to the mountain top(s).”

Frequency of Consciousness

My journey into consciousness awareness – as conscious awareness – becoming conscious of itself as awareness – is what Dr. Amit Goswami refers to, and other do as well as the observer effect. In quantum physics there must be an observer present – in order for the wave collapse of pure potentiality – into an objective or manifest form. Ernest Holmes in Science of Mind teachings states it this way: Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it. It is in this manner of thinking – this matter of fortitude of faith – this means of creative process by which each mountain top becomes one with all mountain tops. This realm is beyond the relativity of the finite world. It is the experiential realm of vibrational-freqency-signatures.  This supposition pertaining to consciousness – speaks beyond realm of words, dominion of intellect, or intuition itself.  It is the harmonic atonement of insightful awareness of all as energy.  Esther Hicks calls this the “feeling place.”  The Beach Boys call it “Good Vibrations.”  Emma Curtis Hopkins calls it “I AM.” It is the inspirational realm achieved by meditation, contemplation, centering and prayer.

Meditation, Contemplation, Centering, Prayer

Meditation, Contemplation, Centering, Prayer – all all forms of prayer.  And not prayer as in beseeching or bequesting – but prayer in which one becomes the prayer itself – and thereby comes into the Presence of the state-of-becoming.  The Dalai Lama affirms Become the change in the world you desire to see. Ernest Holmes acclaims You cannot scratch the reflection out of the mirror – but you can change the image in front of it. The pond of unknowing of which I write is much like the mirror. And both the pond and the mirror are good metaphors for Consciousness Uncloaked – a consciousness beyond the finite of images – existent as the realm of clarity of Pure Potentiality.  Daily spiritual practice of meditation, contemplation, centering and prayer aligns one with this deep state of unknowing.  This deep state in which one comes to See Rightly – into the beyond of finite conditions – into a transcendent state of consciousness – in which form and formless, exist in constant fluidity, flux and flow.  As one looks beyond the impermanence of “what is” (conditions) one comes experiences the “what isn’t” (formless) of beyond.   Joel Goldsmith says of this experience – it is “a relaxation of personal self-hood, in which a feeling arises of something greater than ourselves.”  This is the mystic consciousness of Emma Curtis Hopkin’s I AM.

  Clarity of an un-rippled pond

This mystic state of consciousness – is ever existent – ever present – ever powerful – ever knowing – ever here and now. This mystic state of conscious awareness is never dormant – it is always aware, awake, alive.  It is our somnambulism, our sleep walking through the reality of eternity – that keeps us unaware of the magic of the Presence which is the truth of who we are.  As I reflect upon my journey-less journey in which I come to know the place as if for the first time – I find myself transported to a transcendent place beyond my identity – in which infinity resides – in the clear surface of an un-rippled pond – a pond of unknowing.   A pond in which I see the reflection of my face, looking into the pond – and yet, as I step beyond the relativity of time, place, space I come to realize, or realization realizes me, that I am not in reality looking into the pond.  So, how I wonder, can I come to see the reflection of myself in the pond, when in Truth, there is no object self, from which the reflection may originate or occur.  If I am not the reflection of my object self, then who, what, why, where am I?  Or who, what, why and where – am I not.  

Object-less reflection

 To be or not to be that is the question recites Hamlet – in Shakespeare’s play of the same name. As I look into the un-rippled pond of unknowing – as I look beyond the reflection-less reflection of myself – in which I am neither object or reflection of object – I come to enter a state of being presence – a visionary state which carries me beyond the sights of this world – and into the insights of spiritual awakening -in which I become aware of my timeless Presence of Essence.  without myself as object of reflection, I come to see beyond the image of myself, reflected in the mirror like surface of the pond, I come to see into, that which lies beyond.  I come to see into the emptiness and void of a depth-less abyss, an abyss in which I come to feel the vibrational knowing beyond words, of thoughts beyond mine, of a nakedness of being in which the finite and infinite are as one.  This is a knowing of unity beyond the duality of even cause and effect, beyond the illusions of conditions, and beyond the awareness of consciousness coming to know itself. This is the beyond of the beyond of self image, the beyond of the beyond of knowing. It is the experience of one’s Image-less Self.

The Pond of Unknowing  

In the stillness of the surface of the the Pond of Unknowing – I come to see beyond the what is of reflection – and into the pure perfection – of Limitless Reality of pure potentiality. A pure potentiality existent beyond the relativity of reality, beyond the boundaries and borders of the known, and beyond the capacity of the intellect to understand.  Einstein refers to this level of awareness of being-ness as “The Field.”  Abraham (Esther Hicks) refers to it as “The Vortex.”  In “Alice and Wonderland” it is “The Rabbit Hole.”  It is beyond linear concepts of time, place and space.  It is a Reality in which, as the Queen says to Alice “Tell me what you did tomorrow,” – it is the Reality beyond reality in which past, present, future are one.  It is the I AM consciousness of what’s so as one with the Ultimate Absolute of what isn’t. Beyond the reflected projection of myself, I see into the beyond of “what is” into the “what isn’t” of what lies beyond.  I see, feel, experience into a depth beyond reality, into the Direct Connect of of a dimensionality in which all dimensions are as one.  A dimension in which Heaven and earth are as one. A dimension in which I AM as one with the I AM.  


In Love and Light, Michael.



  1. Noel McInnis

    The pond of unknowing has also been signified as “sciousness” without the “con” (by William James), as “consciousness without an object” (by Franklin Merrell-Wolf), as “don’t know mind” (in Korean Zen), and as “choiceless awareness” (by Richard Rudd).

    I especially like “consciousness uncloaked.”

    • Michael Curcuru

      Thank you so much for sharing this. I love “sciousness” without “the con.”


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