We must shine forth our Heart Lights of Love, Radiance of Soul, Fires of Spirit’s Passions, embraced in faith of prayer, combined with right action, if we ourselves are to become transcendent keys of infinity that open Heaven’s Gates. A transformative shift, from ways of doing-ness, to ways of being-ness, allows us to become the embodiment of the change in the mirror we desire to see.  Through unitive, introspective insights, one comes to embrace and experience universal, archetypal Principles of Truth.  The understanding, adoption and enactment of these Principles of Truth in our lives, become the grace of open acceptance and experiential knowing, through which Celestial imprint, impress and import of Spirit upon the permeability of our Soul takes place.  Our Soul’s updrafts of truth into our opening hearts becomes the steadfast surety, indemnity and cosmic truth of Spirit’s Testimony.  It is allegiant patriotism, adherence to ceaseless precedents of conditions, which circumvent the  inspirational flow of  Divinity within.   As we look to rather than away from conditioned reality we forfeit knowledge of the Father’s Kingdom within us.  Through right seeing, we become one in, as and of God’s Force of  Flow, or what Ernest Holmes calls, “The Thing Itself”, Emma Curtis Hopkins calls “I AM,” and to which Emmerson bestows the moniker “The Over Soul.”