Raymond Charles Barker tells a story of a young girl who looks out her living room window. As she does her dog is accidentally run over by a car. She sits there for hours refusing to move from the window. Her father, then kindly, and gently guides her to a side window of the house. The side window looks out upon a beautiful, heavenly garden. Raymond Charles Barker asks, which window in life will you choose to look through. It is the windows of our own perception – which will determine the reality of our life that is to be. We have conscious choice – as to which window we will look through – that of misfortune – or that of the opportunity of the Awakened Awareness of Higher Consciousness. One must ultimately come to decide if one is alone in the universe or All One with the Universe. And too, one must decide if Heaven is a far off place – or if Heaven is as near as one’s Heartlight of love Within. It is by creating from our Heartlight of love Within – that a world that works for everyone – will appear without. Be well. Stay conscious. Namaste. K. Michael Curcuru is author of the newly released “Heartlight – from illusion to Illumination – Honoring Soul Whispers Within.”